YURURI GOLF YURURI PDG IRON SET #3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW (8 irons) Head Only JAPAN KEIGEKIKU 軽撃区ゆるり


Yururi PDG Iron

YURURI PDG iron is Classical Muscle iron always brings the constant distance and great feeling of impacts.

Yururi PDG irons are some of the softest blade irons ever produced.
Ultimate soft impact, Feel, playability and control are the key strong points.

This head requires very sure impact so it is geared for Professional and highly skilled players.


PDG P=Pocket  D=Dance  G=Grinding  
The pocket of an iron is an essential part of every iron’s design.
This pocket determines how the neck of the iron flows into the face and head. Because the area is curved, it is the most difficult part of an iron to grind beautifully.
When grinding the pocket, the craftsman’s hand moves up and down and left and right like little dance.
Only the most experienced craftsmen can grind the pocket to perfection using these find movements.
All Yururi PDG irons have the pocket grinded by a single top craftsman in Himeji.
The Pocket Dance is the key to the beauty of this head!
Only experinced craftsman can do it this dance.  The pocket part of the heads is very sensitive part of the head.  Slight movement of grinding is the key for finish this part of the head beautifully.



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